Become an artist at artboxONE

artboxONE is an online shop promoted by the leading European photo provider Pixum. With artboxONE you can find modern designs and art inspired motives on materials such as aluminium, posters, smartphone cases and much more. We are the online art studio for exciting and stylish artwork. Always on the cutting edge and with fair prices.

We are currently looking for unique talents to provide the hottest trends to our customers. Together with our artists we will continue to expand the artboxONE inventory.

We are supported by Pixum, one of the leading premium photo services with 20 years of experience in online sales. The high reach and visibility from Pixum allows your works to be presented to a wide and interested audience . We only provide the well-known, high Pixum quality on all products .

Examples of our product range which includes art prints, framed posters and alu prints. All materials could be made available with your own motives.


1. We’ll print for you

We print your your images which you provide to us on all our products with the highest quality. We produce on-demand for each customer. Made with love. Made in Germany.

2. We’ll take care of the Marketing for you

We increase the awareness for you: You get presence everywhere on the page, your get your own artist area and free advertising with professional campaigns - just for you. As an intermediary between artists and clients we promote you and your artworks on the artboxONE homepage, as well as third-party (Amazon), on our blog, on our social media channels and in addition we include you in our Pinterest board Group.

3. We’ll ensure that you get paid

We believe in fair prices and conditions and that creativity and skills should be rewarded accordingly. On each product you sell, we’ll compensate you on the net selling price. In your contract all formalities, such as licences and compensation are outlined. You will receive a monthly statement with all your sold artworks listed.

4. We work simple, transparent and free of charge for you

You don’t need to pay anything for our services. We’ll take care of everything; From printing, to shipping and marketing and even customer service. That leaves you free to focus on being creative.

5. If something is yours, it stays yours - Licences

You decide on the use of your artworks. In an agreement with artboxONE we get the licence of your work that you make available for us, The copyright remains with you. You can cancel the licence at any time.


Here’s what we have planned. Perhaps you have more ideas?

1 . Exhibitions

We will use our large network and offer you the opportunity to exhibit your artworks in the future .

2. Limited editions

Limited amount or timeframe artworks for exclusivity.

3. Workshops

Do you have a talent that you want to share? We’ll happily work toghether with you to show your talents to the public


Send us your application:

Apply now with a short resume (write us a few words about yourself) and your choice of at least 10 designs per email.

Rename every image with a suiting title (Add it to the file name. e.g: Sunflower.jpg)

You work analog? No problem, Just let us know and we provide you with the contact information to our professional scanning service .

To apply, we do not need a high-resolution files in advance, but please make sure you have the files in the following format and size :


  1. Format: JPEG
  2. Color Spectrum: RGB
  3. Resolution: Short side min. 2500 pxl and 300 dpi
  4. Aspect ratio: 3:2 or 3:1 or square 1:1
  5. Size: max. 50 MB


  1. Format: PNG
  2. Background: Transparency 100%
  3. DPI: Minimum 72
  4. Color Spectrum: RGB
  5. Resolution: Short side min. 2500 pxl and 300 dpi
  6. Aspect ratio: 3:2 or 3:1 or square 1:1
  7. Size: max. 50 MB


Send us an E-Mail at and apply as an artist at artboxONE.